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We are the Southern African Division of our parent company EPCA Group.

The group is comprised of 3 young experienced companies;

We specialize in

Our key role is to provide these services to the countries in the Southern parts of Africa.

We have setup our southern office in Zimbabwe and all actives in the southern region will be coordinated through this office.



GweruSolar Farm

EPCA South is currently engaged in the construction of the 25MW Solar farm which is situated in Gweru. The Solar farm is meant to feed power into the electricity grid.  The aim of the project is to alleviate and tone down the power shortages in the country. Our intention is to use sustainable energy for the development of the nation. As EPCA South we have noted the need for energy in all developmental projects hence coming up with Solar energy as an alternative source of electricity.

The 25MW plant will service areas in and around Gweru. The electricity generated from this project will support the local industries in the area to increase productivity in the country. 

MeetThe team

Franko Kanimba

Franco Kanimba
Executive director

Iddo Mudavanhu
Managing Director

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